Who invented wing surfing?

When did wing surfing start?

Wingsurfing is simply the use of a hand held wing in order to propel a board on the water. Using wings on surfboards and windsurf boards has been around since the mid 1980’s – something called the ‘Wind Weapon’ designed by Tom Magruder.

Who invented wing foiling?

Invented by Tom Magruder, it was nothing more than a «Bird Sail» type wing mounted and connected to a windsurf board by a mast end. The device allowed to make some great high jumps while flying on a long distance.

Who invented the Birdsail?

Roland Le Bail, who used his invention to propel himself on the water, but also on the ground with roller skates or on the snow with skis, was inspired by the silhouette of the birds to create his “Bird Sail”.

Is wing surfing difficult?

Wingsurfing is not particularly difficult or particularly tiring. It is not a sport that requires a lot of physical strength, nor do you have to be in perfect shape to practice it. This is why wing surfing is truly a sport for everyone and is practicable at any age, or almost.

Is wing surfing fun?

Wing wings can be used for freeridingand therefore simply to surf and have fun even with a board without foil. With a sup board it will be a little more difficult to ride, and the handling is not at the top, but with a little technique and a not too bulky sup you can have fun.

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Why foil your wings?

One of the great advantages of this sport is that it is possible to sail even in light winds. You can take off from 7 to 8 knots. It is also ideal for beginners to learn about the Wing. No need for big wave conditions, in Wingfoiling it is possible to surf on soft waves that do not break.

Is winging foil fun?

Wing foiling is the most incredible feeling. The sensation of glide, even on flat water, means you become hooked very early. I have as much fun riding flat water as I do in the waves. Because the equipment is compact, compared to a full windsurfing or kite surfing rig, travel is relatively easy.

What’s a kite surfer?

Kitesurfing is a wind powered surface watersport using a kite and a board to move across the water. Kitesurfing harnesses the power of the wind through a large parachute type kite to propel a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard).

What is wind surf in Spanish?

[ˈwɪndsɜːfɪŋ ] windsurf m.