Where is Vans Triple Crown surfing?

Which famous beach in Oahu Hawaii is home to the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing?

The most famous surf spot in the world, Oahu’s North Shore, is home to the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, maybe the ultimate test in big-wave surfing.

How do you win the Vans Triple Crown?

Overall Vans Triple Crown Champions

The Overall Vans Triple Crown Champion Awards will go to the single highest scoring male, and single highest scoring female, based on their combined 6-ride total from all three locations (2 highest scored waves from each of the three (3) locations).

Where is the Surfing competition on Oahu?

This WSL qualifier (for the WCT) event runs at Sunset Beach, home of the world’s most photographed palm tree, across the road from pro-surfer owned Sunrise Shack. and near the best bakery on Oahu. So even if the waves are flat, you’ll be entertained.

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