Where is the Marine wetsuit in Fallout 76?

Where are the Marine armor mod plans in Fallout 76?

For Marine Armor plans, the best place to attempt to find them is at the vendor in Watoga Station and the vendor at Harper’s Ferry. The wandering Super Mutant merchant Grahm also occasionally carries the plans as well, so make sure to shop the wares whenever you spot him.

Is the Marine helmet in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, the player has a large variety of armor to choose from in the game for protection while exploring the wasteland. But one piece in particular stands out among the rest — the Marine Armor Helmet.

What is the best armor in fo76?

When it is fully upgraded, secret service armor has the highest radiation resistance of any non-power armor in the game and has great damage resistance on top of that.

Where is the Marine Tactical Helmet plan in Fallout 76?

At Forward Station Delta, up on the catwalk on a small green table is where it spawns. At NAR Repair Yard, inside the Quonset hut on the table to the right is where it spawns.

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