Where can I dive in Aruba?

Is there good scuba diving in Aruba?

Aruba offers enough coral reefs, marine life, and wreck diving to keep scuba divers and snorkelers busy for days. The coastal waters have an average temperature of 80°F (27°C), and visibility ranges from 18 to 30m (59-98 ft.). Snorkelers: Be forewarned that waves can be choppy at times in some locations.

Can you shore dive in Aruba?

Description Shore Scuba Diving

Shorediving is not very much done on Aruba and that is a shame since it’s so beautifull. We do more shore diving than boat diving. In the first place we do this because it is an excellent and very safe way to take a dive after a (long) period of not diving.

How much does it cost to go scuba diving in Aruba?


1 tank dive (afternoon) USD 75 USD 96
3 day (6 dive) package USD 256 USD 351
4 day (8 dive) package USD 320 USD 426
5 day (10 dive) package USD 373 USD 506

Do you need a wetsuit in Aruba?

This location in the southwestern Caribbean keeps both the air and water temperatures warm and pleasant for Scuba Diving in Aruba throughout the year. Since the water temperatures remain between the upper seventies to low eighties (Fahrenheit), Scuba Divers typically can use light to medium wetsuits.

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Are there seahorses in Aruba?

Barcadera Reef is a unique reef on Aruba where you can spot moray eels and seahorses. Barcadera has sandy bottoms with small, but also large, very dense coral fields. The vegetation of the reef is quite diverse.