When did Wakesurfing start?

When did wakesurfing become a thing?

Wake Surfing’s origins have been questioned as to whether it originated from a company or a person but there are beliefs that wake surfing first started in the 1950s and 1960s when surfers began to experiment being tugged behind boats.

Who invented surfing behind a boat?

Tony Finn and Jimmy Redman invented it at the same time in different places. Both had foot straps on the boards and they took it out in the water to ride waves behind boats. Though Finn made it popular with skurfer championships, with one actually being televised on ESPN in 1990.

How did wakesurfing start?

In the late 1980s a surfing-inspired offshoot of waterskiing called “skurfing” started to appear in lakes and rivers around the U.S. and Australia. The same boat and tow-rope were used, but instead of water skis, riders would stand on small surfboards and carve the wake that waterskiers would avoid.

Why is wake surfing so popular?

It’s popular because it is so easy and low impact that the general public of all ages (especially the boat buying ages) can do it. That’s literally the only reason its so much more popular than all the other water sports.

How does wake surfing work?

Wakesurfing involves a surfer trailing behind a motorboat on a short surfboard that’s about five feet (1.5 meters) long and literally surfing through the boat’s wake without being attached to the boat. … The surfer then jumps into a standing surfing position, drops the rope and surfs through the wake the boat creates.

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