What song does Michael Phelps listen to before swimming?

What did Michael Phelps listen to before a race?

Michael Phelps Reveals His Rio Playlist to PEOPLE: Lil Wayne, Skrillex – and Vintage Eminem. #Phelpsface explained.

What Eminem song does Michael Phelps listen to?

Phelps has cited the Detroit rapper’s classic angry-dude “Lose Yourself” as a crucial element of his pre-race soundtrack, which makes sense for an athlete infamous for his hashtag-worthy scowl.

Does Michael Phelps listen to Future?

Michael Phelps introduced Future at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday night, someone who he listens to quite often. After walking on stage to a rousing ovation, Phelps began to credit hip-hop for inspiring him, then said, “There is no rapper today more inspiring than Future.”

Why do swimmers listen to music before a race?

The primary reason is quite literally ‘drown out’ the noise around them. Some athletes also play music on their headphones to calm themselves down before the nerve-racking race. In all, wearing headphones is a common part of the swimmer’s pre-race routine.

What does Michael Phelps wear on his wrists?

“I’m a watch guy – a watch fanatic,” Phelps said when I first asked what was on his wrist in Tokyo (it’s this limited edition Seamaster Diver 300M, by the way), and he doesn’t seem to be exaggerating.

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Does Michael Phelps listen to music while swimming?

Hey, even the best swimmers listen to music in a pool. Check this Michael Phelps H2O-Audio video. H2O Audio waterproof headphones are used by famous swimmers like Michael Phelps. Though they probably paid for this video.

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