What is Yacht week really like?

Do people hook up on yacht week?

Just under two girls per guy might not seem like a lot, but most of our crew settled on “Yacht Week girlfriends”, meaning they hooked up with the same girl each night. If getting laid is one of your objectives at Yacht Week Croatia, you’re in luck.

What happens during yacht week?

This is The Yacht Week – the original floating festival. Seven days of sailing, exploring picturesque pockets of the world and dancing the night away with hundreds of other like-minded travellers. You’ll have your own skipper and the freedom to map your own path through stunning islands and incredible parties.

How do you survive on yacht week?

The Yacht Week Croatia: 15 Tips From One Who Survived

  1. Join the Facebook Crew Finder. …
  2. There are multiple float parties. …
  3. When you’re stocking up on booze for the week, make your alcohol decisions wisely. …
  4. You don’t need as much food as you think. …
  5. You pay for your skipper’s dinners, too.

Can you leave Yacht week early?

Our events are all 7 days, typically from Saturday to Saturday. You are welcome to arrive later or leave earlier, however, you would have to cover the full week cost. In some cases, the event may not run from Saturday to Saturday, so please check the dates carefully.

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Can you solo yacht week?

Solo travellers can place an ‘advert’ in the group telling people they are looking to join a crew, or can apply to an existing crew who still have a space to fill. They can add a few pictures, give some details about the type of person they are and access over 20,000 members.

How much money do you need for yacht week?

Total cash outlay: $3700-$4,000.

Not the most expensive vacation of your life, but not the cheapest either. And if you have fewer people, or more guys than girls, or a boat with crazy stuff like AC and private bedrooms, it can cost over $5000. This is just the bare minimum.

Where does Yacht Week Croatia leave from?

Our first week we sail from Dubrovnik to Split and the second we sail in reverse starting from Split, taking in two of the most beautiful cities in Europe, two Game of Thrones sets and two UNESCO World Heritage sites.