What is the fastest 50m backstroke time?

What is the world record 50 yard backstroke?

The current world record holder is Sanja Jovanovic of Croatia, who broke Jing’s record just over a month later at the European Championships in Istanbul, Turkey in a time of 25.70.

What is a fast 50m freestyle time?

Ranomi Kromowidjojo of The Netherlands snagged the short course meters record with a time of 22.93, also set in 2017. Abbey Weitzel of the United States holds the record for the fastest 50 yard freestyle: a 20.90.

Is there a 50 backstroke in Olympics?

Freestyle is the only discipline to have a 50m competition at the Olympics, with breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly contested over 100m and 200m only. In previous Games, women could compete over 800m in freestyle, but not 1500m, with men contesting 1500m events, but not 800m races.

What records did Caeleb Dressel break?

Caeleb Dressel Breaks His Own World Record In 100-Meter Fly At The Olympics : Live Updates: The Tokyo Olympics The 24-year-old led for the entire two-lap sprint and clocked it in 49.45 seconds. After winning, he celebrated with his closest competitor, Kristof Milak from Hungary.

Who won the 50m backstroke?

McKeown completed the Olympic backstroke double, the 20-year-old swimming a blistering final 50m to touch in 2min 04.68sec ahead of Canada’s Kylie Masse (2:05.42) and fellow Australian Seebohm (2:06.17).

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How fast can Usain Bolt run 50 meters?

Bolt runs 14.35 sec for 150m; covers 50m-150m in 8.70 sec! NEWS | World Athletics.

How fast can Michael Phelps swim 25 meters?

Personal Best Results

Event Time Pool Length
Men 400 Freestyle 03:59.16 25m
Men 800 Freestyle 08:06.70 25m
Men 1500 Freestyle 15:29.40 25m
Men 50 Backstroke 26.35 25m

How long does it take to run 50m?

Assuming that the average person can sprint at around 15 mph, which would be somewhere between a 14–15 second 100. Not including the pace that they’re slowing down and the pace that they’re accelerating, I would say that the average person can sprint 50 meters in about 7–7.5 seconds give or take.