What is a kayak paddle?

How does a kayak paddle work?

A kayak paddle, unlike a canoe paddle, has a long shaft with the rowing blade attached on either end. At rest, the paddle lays across the kayak; as you paddle your kayak, you balance and rock your grip along the shaft to dip each blade in the water and pull it through the current in turn.

Is a good kayak paddle worth it?

(Check out this page for recreational kayak paddles. … In that case, a carbon paddle is definitely a worthwhile investment. Its light swing weight will ensure hours of paddling without the physical strain, as well as years of durability.

What is considered a lightweight kayak paddle?

A paddle is considered lightweight until it exceeds 2 pounds, or 36 ounces. Materials of construction and dimensions have the largest impact on paddle weight. Longer paddles with larger blades will be heavier. The lightest kayak paddles are made from carbon fiber.

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