What happened to Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four?

How did Fantastic Four beat Silver Surfer?

5 Silver Surfer

The Surfer’s role was to prepare the Earth for the coming of Galactus, and he beat back the Fantastic Four. … In the end, Reed was able to use a weapon called the Ultimate Nullifier to repel Galactus, but the World-Devourer trapped the Surfer on our world as he left.

Can Silver Surfer killed Galactus?

With this being said, the Silver Surfer has access to all the strengths and power of Galactus, albeit on a much smaller scale, but it still allows him the ability to destroy Galactus. However, Galactus could take the Surfer’s power away, and Silver Surfer has defeated Galactus in the past.

How did Silver Surfer save sue?

He eventually reaches New York and flies past Reed’s wedding ceremony to Sue Storm. He is then pursued by the Human Torch. … Doom throws a cosmic spear at the Surfer to kill him, but Sue steps in and saves him. She tries to use a force field to block the spear, but it passes through the field and impales her.

Who is stronger Silver Surfer or Galactus?

Galactus was the one who gave Silver Surfer his power. If the latter would ever have any chance of defeating his master, he would have to use much cunning in addition to the full extent of his cosmic abilities. The Silver Surfer was able to succeed on both of these fronts, outsmarting, then defeating Galactus.

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Will there be a fantastic 4 2?

Fantastic Four 2 was the planned sequel to Fantastic Four, which was originally set to be released July 9, 2017, but has since been cancelled.

How was Silver Surfer captured?

Dr. … After the Fantastic Four fail in their attempts to track down the Silver Surfer, General Hagar insists that they work together with Dr. Doom. With Doom and the Fantastic Four’s assistance, General Hagar’s army manages to disarm and capture the Silver Surfer whom they then imprison and torture.