What does steamer wetsuit mean?

What is the difference between a steamer and a wetsuit?

Short john wetsuits: A short john wetsuit has no sleeves and is short in the legs. … Steamer: A full wetsuit is made from neoprene and covers your entire body from ankles and wrists up. Full wetsuits range in thicknesses from 2mm to 9mm depending on the conditions of the water.

What are steamer wetsuits used for?

A steamer wetsuit is a type of full length wetsuit with long sleeves and long legs. The steamer wetsuit is to keep you warm when you are diving underwater or surfing on the water. The main purpose of wearing a full length wetsuit is to reduce the loss of body heat and maintain your temperature.

How does a steamer wetsuit work?

The simple explanation of how a wetsuit works is that by trapping a small amount of water within the wetsuit, it uses the bodies’ heat to keep that small amount of water warm. … The best way of ensuring that not too much water enters your wetsuit is making sure your wetsuit is the right size for you.

What are the different types of wetsuits?

Types of Wetsuits

  • Spring suit. A spring suit wetsuit is named as such because it’s typically used in transitional seasons, such as spring and autumn. …
  • Long john wetsuit. …
  • Short john wetsuits. …
  • Shorty wetsuit. …
  • Wetsuit top. …
  • Wetsuit vest. …
  • Rashguard. …
  • Steamer.
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What is a good wetsuit for cold water?

Water temperature and wetsuit thickness.

Water Temperature Wetsuit thickness Recommended wetsuit type
65°-75℉ / 18°-23℃ 0.5mm – 2/1mm Sleeveless
62°-68℉ / 16°-20℃ 2mm – 3/2mm Sleeveless / Fullsuit
58°-63℉ / 14°-17℃ 3/2mm – 4/3mm Fullsuit
52°-58℉ / 11°-14℃ 4/3mm – 5/4/3mm Fullsuit

Which wetsuit do I need?

Wetsuit Thickness & Temperature Guide

Water Temp Range (°F) Water Temp Range (°C) Recommended Wetsuit Type
65°- 75° 18° – 24° Top / Shorty
62°- 68° 16° – 20° Springsuit / Full Suit
58°- 63° 14° – 17° Full Suit + Boots
52°- 58° 11° – 14° Full Suit + Boots + Gloves + Hood

Do I need a 4 3 wetsuit?

If you would like more information about the types of wetsuit stitching and seams (sealed / flatlock), it’s explained here.

Wetsuit Water Temperature Guide.

Water Temperature (Fahrenheit / Celsius) Wetsuit Type* Extras
52°F / 11.5°C 4/3 Sealed & Taped Warm Rashguard, booties, wetsuit gloves

What type of wetsuit keeps you warm?

4/3mm Full Wetsuit

Best for keeping you on the water through autumn in the UK, as well as getting you through the transition from winter to summer. 4mm around the core and 3mm on the limbs, it’s warmer than a 3/2 and will provide better protection from windchill on a breezy autumn day.