What does it mean to trim your sails?

What does trimming the sails mean?

Modify one’s stand, adapt to circumstances, as in His advisers told him to trim his sails before he alienated voters and bungled the election completely. This metaphoric expression alludes to adjusting a ship’s sails to take full advantage of prevailing winds. [ Late 1700s]

What is trimming sails to the wind?

Trimming the sails on your sailboat is the process of positioning the angle of the sails in just the right manner so that they catch the wind most efficiently. When trimmed correctly, the wind will flow evenly over both sides of the sails at the leading edge–that closest to the wind.

When should I trim my sails?

Trimming sails properly depends on whether or not you’re sailing upwind or downwind. Because sails work the same way going across the wind as they do upwind, we trim them the same whether we’re going upwind or across the wind. flow smoothly from the front edge of the sail to the back.

How do I set my sails?

Observe which telltale lifts first. If it is the lowest telltale, move the lead aft; if it is the top telltale, move the lead forward. When they all lift simultaneously you have it right! When over pressed, the sail should be flattened and twisted off to depower moving the lead aft.

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When the wind changes adjust your sails?

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.