What did Kino find when he was diving?

What did Kino find?

Lesson Summary

Kino finds a very large oyster apart from the others that excites them. When they open it, they find a perfectly shaped silver pearl as big as a ‘sea-gull’s egg’. When Juana removes the seaweed, she finds that it has pulled the poison out of Coyotito’s body.

What does Kino take with him when he goes diving for oysters?

Kino lays his blanket in its bow. Juana rests Coyotito upon the blanket and places her shawl over him to protect him from the sun. She then wades into the water and collects some seaweed, which she applies gently to Coyotito’s wound.

What does Kino hope to find out in the ocean?

What does Kino hope to find out in the ocean? Kino hopes to find a valuable, beautiful pearl.

How long can Kino hold his breath underwater?

How long could Kino hold his breath? Four minutes.

What is Kino new song?

The new song that comes to Kino is The Song of Evil because he sees the scorpion above is son or about to sting his son. What happened to Coyotito?

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Did Kino sell his pearl?

Kino did not sell his pearl for fifteen hundred pesos because, as an experienced pearl diver, he knew that his pearl was worth much more. The pearl merchants, however, are working for one main buyer who pays them a salary rather than a portion of the profit.

Does Kino get a rifle?

Then we get to see the return. Kino and Juana return side-by-side, which is unusual since she usually follows behind him. (Because she’s a woman.) Kino carries a rifle, and Juana carries a limp, unmoving, bloody bundle in her shawl.

What does Kino see when he looks at the pearl in Chapter 2?

And then… he sees one huge oyster, slightly opened, alone on an overhang. The oyster is opened ever-so-slightly, and Kino sees something gleam inside it. Grabbing this shell and his basket, Kino kicks for the surface. Juana senses his excitement and so looks away; expecting too much might drive away the luck.

Is Juana and Kino married?

Kino, the novella’s protagonist, is a young Mexican-Indian pearl diver married to Juana; they have a baby named Coyotito. Their lives seem rather peaceful, but their tranquility is threatened when a scorpion bites Coyotito.

Who killed Coyotito?

Kino hides Juana and Coyotito in a cave and goes after the trackers. Kino fights them and kills one of them, after they had fired a gun shot towards the mountain. Without knowing it at the time, the bullet struck and killed Coyotito.

Why does Kino howl in the pearl?

Why does Kino howl? Kino howls emotionally. He howls for joy because he is happy to find the pearl to give to the doctor so he can cure their son. On page 14, Steinbeck tells us that because the mixture of air and water over the gulf creates mirages, the Indians do not trust what they see with their eyes.

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