Should I wear anything under a wetsuit?

Do you wear pants under a wetsuit?

In warmer waters, you can wear underwear with minimal coverage (swimwear, swimming trunks, and the like) or nothing at all. If you probably rent a wet suit you’ll probably want to wear something underneath. … Or if you really prefer not to wear anything under your wet suit, you can just get a thicker wet suit.

Can you wear a base layer under a wetsuit?

They offer great versatility to water sports fans, since they can be worn alone – in the form of a top, shorts or leggings – or they can be worn underneath your wetsuit to enhance your experiences in or around the water.

What do female triathletes wear under wetsuit?

Just like men, women should wear a triathlon suit under their wetsuit. Depending on the model of the tri suit, you may find that it comes with a built-in bra. For the models that don’t, you would be required to wear a sports bra underneath the tri suit.

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