Quick Answer: Where do you leave things when surfing?

Where do you put your stuff when surfing?

Where do you store your keys when surfing?

  1. In a padlock that’s locked onto the car.
  2. Bring it with you in a waterproof bag.
  3. Leave the keys to your partner/coffee shop.
  4. Leave them inside a towel ashore.
  5. Top of a tire.

Where do you leave your keys when surfing?

Hide it under a rock or in your towel.

Never leave your key on your tire, under your car, or in your trunk. Many thieves target surfers because we’re the chillest, right? It’s true.

How do you lock your car while surfing?

Leaving Your Car Key With Your Car When Surfing (5 Solutions)

  1. Wrap your car key in a diaper and hide it under your seat. …
  2. Leave your key on top of a wheel or under the frame of your car. …
  3. Put your key in the exhaust pipe. …
  4. Put the key inside the spare wheel. …
  5. Use a combination key lock.

What do you do with your car keys when you snorkel?

i put our cc and keys in a little ziploc baggie and bury it in the sand under our beach mat.

Where do you put car keys?

The 7 Best Places To Hide A Key on Your Car Are…

  • On the inside of the bumper (assuming you are using the magnetic hide a key)
  • Behind the front license plate.
  • Tire Well.
  • Gas Cap.
  • With someone else.
  • Hitch receiver box.
  • Your purse or wallet.
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How do you use a surf lock?

Your Surf Lock is factory tested and set to 0-0-0-0.

  1. Open the lock. Remove the sticker on the back and move the change lever to the upper right-hand corner (fig. 1 at rightt).
  2. Set the dials to the desired combination.
  3. Move the change lever back to the original. position (fig. 2). The combination is now set.