Quick Answer: What does it mean to do a deep dive?

What does do a deep dive mean?

A deep dive into something is a thorough investigation and analysis of it. Researchers took a deep dive into the data and made some surprising findings.

How do you use the phrase deep dive?

deep dive ​Definitions and Synonyms

  1. to examine something in great detail in a short space of time. deep dive into: Sales is a very large subject, and I realize I haven’t deep dived into everything, …
  2. to dive down into deep water. Many of the whales surfaced far away and often just once before deep diving.

What does deep dive mean in business?

Deep Dive is a method where an individual or team conducts an intense, in-depth analysis of a certain problem or subject. … Deep diving allows the business to be sure of their solution so they can operate in the most risk-adverse way possible.

What does deep dive mean in teaching?

∎ Deep dive: then, a ‘deep dive’, which involves gathering evidence on the curriculum intent, implementation and impact over a sample of subjects, topics or aspects. This is done in collaboration with leaders, teachers and pupils.

What is the past tense of dive?

According to one of the gold-standards of the English language, Merriam-Webster, “the words dived and dove are interchangeable as a past tense and past participle of the verb dive.

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What’s the opposite of a deep dive?

deep dive > antonyms

3 »shallow analysis exp.analyze, shallow, depthless
3 »shallow parsing exp.analyze, shallow, depthless
3 »superficial analysis exp.analyze, shallow, depthless
2 »near-surface exploration exp.near, surface, analyze
2 »shallow exploration exp.near, surface, analyze

What does diving mean?

to start doing something in a very enthusiastic way. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a chance and dive in. Synonyms and related words. To start doing something.

What is another way to say dive into?

What is another word for dive into?

attack address
wade in settle down to
address oneself to turn to
get down to throw yourself into
tear into settle