Quick Answer: How much weight can kayak hold?

What happens if you exceed weight limit on kayak?

If you get too close or go over the weight limit, the boat will sit lower down in the water, and you’ll probably get wet during the course of your kayak trip. You’ll have a harder time paddling the boat, both because you’re sitting so low in the water and because the boat will be more sluggish from the extra weight.

How accurate is the weight limit on a kayak?

You should subtract 25% of the weight capacity to ensure you are in the safe zone. You should be able to paddle the kayak and be fairly safe. 25% from 350 would be a person weighing 262.5 pounds or less. And that is only if you aren’t carrying any gear.

How much can you overload a kayak?

So, in general, kayaks can endure weights ranging between 250 lbs up to 600 lbs. Putting too much weight on a kayak won’t sink it to the bottom of the water surface you’re kayaking on, but it can considerably lower the level of the kayak.

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