Quick Answer: How much is surfing in La Union?

Is surfing allowed in La Union?

Yes, surfing and surfing lessons are now allowed.

When can you surf in La Union?

The “surf season” is October to April, also known as North Swell Season. This is the time when hanging amihan (northeast trade winds) consistently produces the waves that you need for surfing. During this season, waves in La Union can reach up to 2-3 meters on a good swell.

Is there good surfing in Louisiana?

Similar to beach culture, surfing isn’t instinctive to Louisiana. The swells here are typically never more than waist high or two or three feet. And yet, over the past few years, a community of nearly eighty surfers has developed around a dedication to catching waves here, in Louisiana.

How much is the budget for La Union?


PHP 436 (USD 9/SGD 12/MYR 37) Bus fare from La Union to Manila
PHP 600 (USD 12/SGD 16/MYR 51) La Union Budget Hotel per night
PHP 150 (USD 3/SGD 4/MYR 13) to PHP 250 (USD 5 /SGD 7/ MYR 21) Rice meal
PHP 400 (USD 8/SGD 11/MYR 34) Sur lesson per hour with instructor and surf board

Is La Union Philippines safe?

La Union is generally considered very safe for tourists.

What is there to do in La Union aside surfing?

Things to Do in LU Other Than Surfing

  • Explore the food scene.
  • Volunteer for sea turtles at Project Curma.
  • Go grape picking at Gapuz Grapes Farm.
  • Enjoy an exhilarating hike at Arosip Ecotrail.
  • Witness a sea of clouds at Mt. …
  • Cliff dive at Tangadan Falls.
  • Appreciate Taoism at Ma Cho Temple.
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