Quick Answer: How do you apply Roka wetsuit?

Do Roka wetsuits run small?

Wetsuits are meant to be snug. … If it takes you 30 minutes to put your wetsuit on the first time that does not mean it’s too small. My latest suit is a Roka and they run small.

How warm are Roka wetsuits?

Roka pitch it for “temp ranges around 5°C lower than a regular wetsuit; anything under 18°C would be within that temp range.” So our two key tests in were in the 17°C waters of Northern Tenerife (air 12°C) and the 3°C waters of Clevedon in Somerset (air 7°C).

What is the difference between a Swimskin and a wetsuit?

While wetsuits are worn in colder water temperatures, swimskins, (or speed suits) are worn in warmer water temperatures. A swimskin is a high-performance alternative when you can’t wear a wetsuit. Swimskins are designed to compress your body and streamline your shape in the water, reducing form drag.

How thick are Roka wetsuits?

Roka Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit (Women)

You’ll love how elegant this wetsuit is with its black, subzero, and silver color combination. It’s 5mm thick, which is ideal for thermal control. Regardless of being in the water for how many hours, your body can retain the heat it needs to move without any distress.

What are Sleeveless wetsuits for?

When air and water temperatures over longer distances rise, some athletes can overheat in a full suit. A sleeveless suit offers most of the buoyancy and speed of a full suit without the additional warmth. … Novice athletes also may prefer the feel of a sleeveless suit when shopping for their first wetsuit.

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Can you wear a wetsuit in Ironman?

For a wetsuit to be legal to be worn in an Ironman event the following rules must be followed: Your wetsuit cannot cover your face, hands, or feet. The thickness of any portion of the wetsuit cannot exceed 5mm. Neoprene or any other booties are prohibited unless the water temperature is 18.3°C/65.0°F, or colder.