Quick Answer: Can you cut neoprene wetsuit?

Can you cut neoprene without it fraying?

If it’s conventional neoprene with the usual ‘interlock’ (knitted) stretchy fabric – no, it won’t fray or split. Just use a very sharp knife or scissors to get a clean cut. If you use a knife, cut from the fabric side and try to cut right through in one go.

Can you make a wetsuit smaller?

Absolutely yes, wetsuits can be altered!” … We can alter your neoprene wet suit, microprene, Lavcore or Polartec suit. Generally, making a suit smaller is less expensive than making it larger, because we don’t have to add more material.

Can I cut neoprene?

You can die cut neoprene as long as the neoprene sheets are thinner than 3/8-inch (0.375 inches) thick. … This makes die cutting neoprene an efficient method of creating large numbers of cut neoprene parts for precise applications.

Is it OK to cut a wetsuit?

I have cut my wetsuits down for years and never had any issues. Just use a sharp pair if scissors and cut straight. It’s neoprene so you won’t have fibers fraying like you would a pair of cut off shorts.

Does it matter if a wetsuit is too long?

But it’s certainly an important one. If your new wetsuit turns out too big, it’s essentially rendered completely ineffective. Too small, and you’ll be uncomfortable with a restricted range of movement making whichever water sport your partaking in harder than it needs to be.

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Does neoprene have to be hemmed?

Sewing Machine That Can Sew Neoprene

The walking foot slows the machine down by 50% and helps protect the needle from getting too hot. … Neoprene does not fray so you do not have to hem the material after cutting.

Does neoprene rip easily?

Wetsuits can easily tear from things like fingernails and small rocks. Small tears (around 1-2 inches long) can be easily repaired at home.

Can you cut sleeves off wetsuit?

By cutting off the sleeves you need to get them not only sealed (so they don’t fray) but fitted correctly, otherwise you will not allow the wetsuit to do its job and trap water to form a thermal layer. Just my advise, but if your wearing it to stay warm, don’t cut the sleeves, spend the money and do it right.