Question: What’s another name for swimsuit?

Is there another word for swimwear?

Swimwear Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for swimwear?

bikini swimsuit
maillot cossie
swimmers bathers
swim trunks bathing dress
one-piece suit two-piece suit

What’s another name for a bathing suit?

What is another word for bathing suit?

bikini swimsuit
bathing costume one-piece bathing suit
two-piece beach costume
clothing for swimming one-piece suit
string bikini tank suit

What is a cossie?

cossie. / (ˈkɒzɪ) / noun. an informal name for a swimming costume.

What is American word for shop?

Shop or store? The nouns shop and store are used somewhat differently in American and British English. In general, Americans use store the way the British use shop — to describe any room or building where people can buy things or pay for a service.

What are full body swimsuits called?

Full Piece Bathing Suit – Another name for a one-piece swimsuit. … Often looks like a bikini in the back Also called a cut-out one-piece.

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