Question: How much wind do you need to wing surf?

How much wind do I need for wing foiling?

We recommend to learn Wing Foiling in average wind conditions on a spot that is not exposed to the swell (between 15 and 20 knots of wind).

Can you Wingfoil in offshore wind?

Now I can stay local and wing even in cross offshore winds. I have found this to be my favourite wind direction as it allows me to catch swell and drop a hand putting the wing into a neutral position. Safe: It is a very low-risk sport. The power in a wing doesn’t even come close to the power a kite can generate.

Is Wing surfing fun?

Wing wings can be used for freeridingand therefore simply to surf and have fun even with a board without foil. With a sup board it will be a little more difficult to ride, and the handling is not at the top, but with a little technique and a not too bulky sup you can have fun.

How difficult is wing surfing?

Wingsurfing is not particularly difficult or particularly tiring. It is not a sport that requires a lot of physical strength, nor do you have to be in perfect shape to practice it. This is why wing surfing is truly a sport for everyone and is practicable at any age, or almost.

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