Question: How do you fly fish for surf perch?

Can you fly fish off the beach?

If you have sight fishing experience, you will love fly fishing the beaches. In clear surf water, snook and tarpon are skittish. … But they will eat at some point, and if you are on the beach when they decide it’s time to take in some calories, you are in for a treat.

Can you catch surf perch low tide?

You don’t want to surf fish when the tide is low and stable. Only surf fish when the tide is low and the water is rising or falling. In other words, if the low tide is at 11 am, it’s more likely that you will have no catches at 11 am.

How do you catch yellow perch on the fly?

Fly Fish for Perch Like Trout

  1. by wading out into the water and casting back to the weeds.
  2. casting from a dock over weed structure.
  3. casting from a boat back over weeds.
  4. from a kayak positioned to cast along the edge of the weeds or beside the shady edge of a dock.
  5. from a belly boat beyond the weeds, casting back to shore.

What size hook should I use for perch?

Bait hooks ranging from size 4 to 8 are ideal for most of the baits used for perch fishing. Some prefer hooks on the larger side because they are easier to remove and less likely to be swallowed.

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