Question: Can you whitewater raft in Colorado in October?

Can you white water raft in October?

The fall season is one of the best times to experience white water rafting because the water levels are unpredictable!

What months Can you white water raft in Colorado?

Colorado’s whitewater rafting season runs from late April through mid September. We recommend guests looking for the ultimate Colorado whitewater rafting experience to book a trip from June – August, though early and late season conditions can still be a ton of fun!

Can you go rafting in October?

The temperatures are the same as July so if you like your white water rafting in the hottest part of the year but you want to avoid the crowds late August is your best time. … October – This is one of the best times of the year to go rafting.

Can you raft in September in Colorado?

Raft Colorado’s Arkansas River through September

In September, the Arkansas River has both easy and technical rapids (depending on what you choose to run), the water is clear, the crowds are gone, and the fall foliage provides a spectacular backdrop. … Here are five reasons to go whitewater rafting in Colorado this fall.

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Can you go white water rafting in November in Colorado?

The best time to raft in Colorado is between May – September. It’s possible to raft in Colorado starting in the early spring all the way through early fall, and the best trip for you could fall at anytime throughout depending on what experience you are looking for on the river.

Is there white water rafting in Colorado in September?

Rafting in August and September offers many benefits that aren’t available for the rest of the year (rafting season in Colorado is from mid-April through mid-September). … For some of us, this unique time of year provides our favorite season for whitewater rafting.

Can you go white water rafting in September?

Whitewater rafting gets big play in the summer months. … September might be the winding down month from all the playtime of summer, yet it’s also still an excellent time of year to cruise down that river you’ve had a hankering to explore.

What months can you raft the Ocoee?

The Ocoee River is open for rafting on Saturdays and Sundays beginning March 20 through October 31, 2021. Water also flows on Monday, Thursday, and Friday during the months of June, July, and August. Special holiday releases on the Ocoee for 2021 include May 31 (Memorial Day) and September 6 (Labor Day).

What should you do if you fall off a raft?

What to Do If You Fall from the Raft

  1. Hang on to the paddle if possible.
  2. Grab the raft.
  3. Face the raft during the rescue.
  4. Bring legs up to the surface.
  5. Point feet downstream.
  6. Look for a rope.
  7. Wait for calm waters.
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Is white water rafting scary?

Whitewater rafting can be scary to some. Frightening, daunting, or terrifying even. … But after so many whitewater rafting trips, the fear quickly turns into thrill and excitement.