Question: Can you sail on the Norfolk Broads?

Where can you sail on the Norfolk Broads?


  • Nancy Oldfield Trust – Sailing Holiday – Neatishead. Sailing Holiday. …
  • Wherry Yacht Charter – Wroxham. …
  • Martham Boat Building & Dev Co Ltd – Martham. …
  • Waterways Holidays Limited. …
  • Hunter’s Yard – Ludham. …
  • Eastwood Whelpton Sailing Holidays – Upton. …
  • Wherry Maud Trust – Ludham. …
  • Norfolk Wherry Trust – The Albion – Ludham.

Can you moor anywhere on the Norfolk Broads?

You are welcome to sensibly moor anywhere unless stated “No Mooring”. There are many places that you can moor free of charge; however there are also places where there is a charge for mooring, such as the yacht stations at Norwich and Great Yarmouth where facilities are available.

Is it easy to drive a boat on the Norfolk Broads?

It’s easy – The Norfolk Broads are a great place to start boating as there are no locks to worry about and the rivers are much wider than the canals.

Can you scatter ashes on the Norfolk Broads?

There are no restrictions on where you can scatter ashes at sea, however, some of the most popular places in the UK and Ireland to do so include: … Ireland, Dublin: River Liffey. Great Yarmouth – Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

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Do you have to pay for moorings on the Norfolk Broads?

The Broads Authority provides a network of free 24 hour moorings. Many more are available at places such as staithes, public houses and boatyards although these may charge a fee (moorings marked DP16 have been provided as part of a planning condition and charges may apply).

How old do you have to be to hire a boat on the Norfolk Broads?

‘The Hirer’ includes all members of the party hiring the vessel. All boats offered for hire by the Company are licensed by the Broads Authority and operate in accordance with the said Authorities Code of Practice for boat hire procedures 2005. 1. Boats are only hired to members of the public over 18 years old.

Can you drink alcohol on the Norfolk Broads?

The only way to be absolutely safe on the basis of the Broads Authority stuff quoted above is not to drink anything and be on the safe side.

Do you need to book moorings on Norfolk Broads?

No need to pre book moorings. Alternative to getting to Norwich you could go to Beccles or Oulton Broad. Although I live near Oulton Broad it is probably only worth it for the journey and, if you are interested and it fits your schedule, the Powerboat Racing.

Can you anchor a boat anywhere UK?

The short answer is no, you can not anchor or moor anywhere. Most cities and towns have restrictions on permanent mooring locations, and some restrict anchoring. And not every spot is safe or ideal to leave your boat unattended for long.

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