Is Sail closing in Canada?

Is Sail closing stores?

Two Sail stores in Ontario – one in Vaughan and one in Etobicoke – will also close, following liquidation sales that are set to begin soon (both banners have reopened in Quebec and Ontario after spending roughly two months closed due to COVID-19).

Why did sail close?

The move comes two days after the Quebec-based company said it filed for creditor protection under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act due to the pressure of having its stores were shuttered for several weeks because of measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Is sail a Canadian company?

SAIL Outdoors Inc. is a Canadian retailing company specializing in outdoor equipment and sport equipment. The company is more than 40 years old and had about 1,100 employees as of June 2021. The Quebec-based retailer operates two chains: … Eight locations in Quebec and four in Ontario.

Is sail a legit website?

It is indeed a well known and reliable outdoors sports retailer with several stores in Quebec and a couple in Ontario. They have an interesting hunting department.

What is sail Canada?

Established in 1931, Sail Canada is the national governing body for the sport of sailing. … With the valued support from our partners, the Provincial Sailing Associations and our member clubs and schools, sailing is promoted in all its forms.

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Why did Sportium close?

The Sportium stores in Laval, Saint-Hubert, Quebec City and Kirkland will be closed for good. … All these reasons have forced the Laval company “to make difficult business decisions” to regain its “financial health,” Mr. Décarie said in the press release.

Is Sail Ottawa closing down?

Two days after announcing it had filed for bankruptcy protection, Sail Outdoors confirmed it is closing two stores in Ontario and four stores in Québec.

Is MEC a Canadian company?

Mountain Equipment Co-op (now called 1077 Holdings Co-Operative) is a Canadian co-op that started the MEC outdoor gear retail brand. The MEC brand name, assets and store leases were purchased by the American private investment firm Kingswood Capital Management’s subsidiary MEC Canada in October 2020.