Is it safe to swim in the Keys?

Are there alligators in the Keys?

Alligators in the Keys

American alligators have lived in the Florida Keys since the first Europeans explored the islands. … Alligators of the Florida Keys most commonly inhabit freshwater habitats away from the coast.

Are sharks bad in the Keys?

A more dangerous species occasionally seen in the Keys is the bull shark. These small predators prefer warm shallow water and are known to be aggressive. They occasionally will attack larger prey, but attacks are rare. As with other predators in the deep, don’t tease them, feed them or try and handle them.

Are there a lot of shark attacks in the Keys?

Know the Facts

In Key West, there has never been a fatal shark attack, and there’s only been one incident reported in the record books since the 1800s. For those who like statistics, you’re 45,000 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a shark attack.

Is it safe to snorkel in Florida Keys?

Is it safe to snorkel in the Florida Keys? Any water sport comes with some level of danger, and snorkeling is no different. The coral reefs are living, and dangerous sea creatures and other dangers can be in that environment. But overall, snorkeling in the Keys is fairly safe.

What color is the water in Key West?

If fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring Key West’s Old Town bars, shops and restaurants is your interest, this is a good choice. We are on the water many times per week, it is never brown, it might be hazy and grayish but for the most part it’s turquoise and amazing.

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