How many kayaks can you fit on a SUV?

How many kayaks can I fit on my car?

You can simply carry the kayak and stack it against the post or against another kayaks. Typically this means that you can carry as many as 4 kayaks on top of your car.

Can you stack 2 kayaks on a car?

If there is still plenty of room then feel free to leave a gap between the two kayaks. If you need to conserve space then you can bring them both together at the center of the car roof rack. … Go to the first kayak and make sure that it is still in the best position. If so, cinch it down with the straps for a secure fit.

Can you put 3 kayaks on a roof rack?

Thanks! Helpful Expert Reply: Since you need to carry up to 3 kayaks and the longest one you have is 10 feet in length the Thule Stacker part # TH830 would be your best option.

How do you transport 4 kayaks?

An open truck bed is by far the simplest way to transport your kayaks. Open the tailgate, and throw the kayaks in. Larger trucks can easily fit four kayaks, while smaller trucks may only be able to fit two. Lift the noses to latch the tailgate or leave them flat.

How many kayaks can fit on a Subaru Forester?

The design of a Subaru Forester is designed to allow one to carry up to two kayaks. If, of course, you are carrying more than two kayaks, you will need stackers to make it easy for you.

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