How many feet clear of a divers down flag on a river?

How far can you swim from a dive flag?

According to boating regulations, boaters must remain 300 feet from a diver’s down flag on open water and 100 feet when divers are in an inlet or smaller body of water.

How far from a diver-down flag must a vessel be before operating at greater than idle speed?

State law requires that scuba divers and snorkelers display a diver-down flag to mark the diving area. Vessel operators must not operate within 50 feet of a displayed diver-down flag and must reduce speed to “idle speed” when within 200 feet of the flag.

How many feet from a diver down flag must all vessels in open waterways must attempt to stay?

Divers-must make a reasonable effort to stay within 100 feet of a divers-down flag or a buoy within rivers, inlets, or navigation channels and within 300 feet on open water.

What do you do when you see a divers-down symbol?

Diver-Down Warning Device

  • This warning device may be a divers-down flag, buoy, or other similar warning device. …
  • Boaters must make reasonable efforts to stay at least 300 feet away from divers-down warning devices in open water and at least 100 feet away in rivers, inlets, or navigation channels.
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How big does a dive flag have to be?

Divers Flag: A rigid rectangular flag, at least 14 x 16 inches, with a white diagonal stripe that is one-fifth the width of the flag must be mounted on a float or buoy.

How far must a vessel stay away from a displayed diver-down flag quizlet?

Vessels not engaged in diving operations must remain at least 100 feet away from areas displaying a diver-down flag.

What should you do when you see a displayed diver down flag while boating?

Divers or snorkelers must stay within 100 feet of their flag. Vessels not engaged in diving operations must stay at least 100 feet away from a displayed diver-down flag.

What does the Florida State divers down symbol?

(d) “Divers-down symbol” means a rectangular or square red symbol with a white diagonal stripe. If rectangular, the length may not be less than the height or more than 25 percent longer than the height.