How heavy is an Old Town canoe?

How much does a 15 foot Old Town canoe weigh?


Color Red
Width at 4″ Waterline 39.5 in | 100.3 cm
Bow Height 25.5 in | 64.8 cm
Depth 15 in | 38.1 cm
Assembled Boat Weight The boat’s weight including everything Old Town supplies with the boat – Hull, Hardware, Seat, Accessories and Motor/Pedal console (when applicable). 114 lb | 51.7104 kg

How much does a 17 Old Town canoe weigh?

Yet, the Penobscot 17 weighs in at an easily transportable 65 pounds. With a width of 35” and a depth of 14.5”, you’ll enjoy the comfort and paddling ease of this high performance tandem canoe. The Wenonah Spirit II .

How heavy is an Old Town Discovery 174 canoe?

The Discovery 174 was the longest canoe in the Discovery series, but is no longer manufactured by Old Town. The 174 tracks and glides through the water with ease.

£225 inc two livery paddles and two buoyancy aids.

Material: Three Layer Polyethylene
Weight: 83 lbs / 37.6 kg
Max Load Range: 1,450-1,500 lbs / 657.7-680.4 kg

How much does a 15 ft Grumman canoe weight?

Weight of the standard-keel version is 66 pounds with . 040-inch hull thickness and 75 pounds with a . 050-inch hull. The shallow-draft version weighs 81 pounds.

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How much does a Coleman 16-foot canoe weight?

Weight. The Explorer weighs 81 pounds, which makes it heavier than other canoes of its size. For instance, a 17-foot aluminum canoe weighs between 65 and 77 pounds, and a 16-foot Royalex plastic canoe weighs about 55 pounds.

How much does an old town 174 weigh?

Old Town Discovery 174 17ft. canoe

Width: 36″ / 91.4 cm
Width at 4″ Waterline: 34″ / 86.4 cm
Bow Height: 22″ / 55.9 cm
Depth: 14″ / 35.6 cm
Weight: 83 lbs / 37.6 kg

Why is Royalex discontinued?

In 2013, plastics company PolyOne, of Avon Lake, Ohio purchased Spartech, and decided to shut down Royalex production due to its low volume. The last sheets of Royalex were shipped from the factory in December, 2013.