How does priority work in surfing contests?

How does priority work in surfing competition?

A: The surfer with priority has the unconditional right of way to catch any wave they choose. … If two or more surfers catch a wave, the first surfer to make it back to the lineup will get priority.

How does a surfing competition work?

Surfers compete in heats. Each heat lasts approximately 30-minutes depending on the weather conditions. Each surfer will be required to catch as many waves as possible, and only a surfer’s top two-highest scoring waves are combined for their final overall points total.

What is snaking in surfing?

‘Snaking’ occurs when a surfer deliberately paddles inside of another surfer in order to steal wave priority and get closest to the breaking part of the wave. You’ll occasionally encounter surfers who paddle across you at the last minute in order to take off deeper, thus claiming priority.

How does WSL seeding work?

The first and second place surfers from Round 1 will advance directly to Round 3. The lowest placing surfer in each Round 1 heat will be seeded into Round 2. Round 1 will serve as the only non-elimination round, giving the lowest scoring competitor a second chance in Round 2.

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Do pro surfers get drug tested?

Drug testing is now an integral part of the professional league. Dig around a little on the WSL website and you will find a 40 page anti-doping policy and earlier this year former WCT surfer Raoni Monteiro received a 20-month ban for testing positive to a performance enhancing drug.

How many surfers do they compete against in a round?

There are 20 surfers in both the men’s and women’s competition. They will be divided into five groups of four for round one, with the top two scoring surfers in each 30-minute heat progressing directly to round three. The 10 remaining surfers head to round two where they will compete in two five-person heats.

What are surfers judged on in contests?

A panel of judges (usually between five to seven) score each surfer’s performance using a scale of one to 10. Performance on the wave is currently based on criteria including degree of difficulty, speed, power, flow, and the combination of major maneuvers performed.

What are the 3 main elements that surfers are scored on in a competition?

Judging and Points

  • Commitment and degree of difficulty.
  • Innovative and progressive maneuvers.
  • Combination of major maneuvers.
  • Variety of maneuvers.
  • Speed, power and flow.

What does the yellow jersey mean in surfing?

Deputy Commissioner Jessi Miley-Dyer explains why both Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons are in yellow — the jersey color reserved for the Jeep rankings leader — at the women’s Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

What is the seeding round WSL?

“Seeding Round” is the new name the WSL has bestowed upon Round 1. … The “Seeding Round” does absolutely nothing to affect your seed – it simply determines which Round 2 (which is now called “Elimination Round”) heat you’ll surf in. John’s seed is trending up, up, up.

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