How do you store your sails for the winter?

Should I remove my sails in winter?

Caution! Never, ever remove sails from a boat that is out of the water and on jackstands (poppets). You will run the risk of knocking the boat over. Most people remove their sails over the winter to prevent wear and tear due to weathering and for repairs.

How do you store a spinnaker sail?

Spinnakers should be dry and free from dirt or salt before storing. Many of the fastest spinnaker fabrics are woven from the smallest denier threads. Any dirt or salt left on the sails will get into the fibers and cause the cloth to deteriorate prematurely.

What is flaking a sail?

To flake a sail, start with the sail flat and make accordion folds of the sail into itself, eventually pulling the head down onto the flaked pile. At this point, the flaked sail can be left as is or rolled/bricked. … WHEN TO USE: This is the standard method for stowing sails on larger racing or cruising boats.

What does hoist the sails mean?

to raise a flag or sail to its highest position on a pole. Synonyms and related words. Sailing and boating.

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