How do you sort entire rows in Excel?

How do I sort rows in Excel without mixing data?

Sorting Multiple Rows or Columns

  1. Select any cell within the data range wherein sorting needs to be applied.
  2. Click on the Data Tab on Menu Bar, and further click on Sort under Sort & Filter group.
  3. Sort dialog box opens up. …
  4. Under Sort On List, select the type of sort that needs to be applied.

How do I sort multiple rows horizontally in Excel?

Sort by several columns

  1. Click the Sort button on the Data tab or Custom Sort on the Home tab to open the Sort dialog.
  2. Then click the Add Level button as many times as many columns you want to use for sorting:
  3. From the “Sort by” and “Then by” dropdown lists, select the columns by which you want to sort your data.

How do you sort rows?

Here are the steps to sort data in rows. Highlight the cells you want to sort, click on Data , Sort and the screen at right appears. Then click on Options , and the screen below appears. Click on the Sort left to right box, and you’re in business.

How do I sort multiple rows?

How to sort multiple rows and columns in Excel

  1. Highlight the data items you want to sort. …
  2. Open the Data menu from the top of the program. …
  3. Enter the sorting window. …
  4. Add another column or row to the sorting window. …
  5. Choose “Custom Sort” in the sorting window. …
  6. Confirm by hitting “OK”
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How do I sort rows in sheets?

On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. At the top, right-click the letter of the column you want to sort by. Click Sort sheet by A to Z or Sort sheet Z to A.