How do you put on a no zip wetsuit?

Are no zip wetsuits better?

It may not be as big of a deal these days because wetsuits are getting so stretchy that it’s harder to tell, but we all can agree on the fact that zippers don’t stretch. That’s why you’ll find that a zip free wetsuit will be the most flexible. … Higher-end suits will have more durable zippers.

Do wetsuits zip in front or back?

In general, wetsuits that have a back zip tend to be a little roomier in the first place. This is because the back zip tends to unzip wider. You can easily wriggle it on but may need help from someone to do it up. As a comparison, front zipping wetsuits tend to be harder to put on, but easier to do up alone.

Is it possible to shrink a wetsuit?

Wetsuits are made from a synthetic rubber called neoprene but the real question is do wetsuits shrink. Due to the composition of neoprene, your wetsuit can shrink. … Even a wetsuit which takes a rigorous routine of wiggling and squirming to get into will loosen up significantly when in the water.

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