How do you hand plane surf?

What is a hand surfer?

It’s a board that fits to your hand, designed so you can easily swim out through the break. Then once out the back you can catch waves and use the board to support your weight so you glide on the wave face. With this type of handboard you get long rides like a board rider.

What is a Handboard?

what is a handboard. A handboard is a mini surfboard no more than 19 inch long that fits on your hand with an adjustable strap. The handboard serves as a planning device on the water and allows you, The rider to ride the wave faster, longer and with more control when you are bodysurfing.

What is a Womper used for?


The WOMPER® is 16” of floating fun that can be ridden multiple ways to enhance your bodysurfing sesh. Use it like a hand plane to drive through the tubiest of tubes! Unique 16″ Shape Designed for Hi-Performance Body Surfing. Stiff Dual-Composite Core for Maximum Speed.

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