How do you get eggs in scuba diving at Quill Lake?

Where are radioactive eggs in Quill Lake?

Quest Items

Quest Artifact Location Reward
Radioactive Egg In the Sewer. 100 Coins.
Green Fish In the Sewer. Access to the EKoSS Headphones.
Sapphire Crystal In the Old Mine. Valuable Items (Note).
Pirate Hat In the Sewer Cabin door opened.

Are there sharks in Quill Lake?

-The main ice cavern is guarded by a blue skull and 1 shark. … -Each of the ice tunnels and the castle has several blue skulls. -In the radioactive area.

Where is the Lost Sea in Quill Lake?

The Lost Sea Note is a note saying that you are the only hope. You can find this in the forgotten temple safe, but you need the key to the safe at the Atlantis Sea Temple.

How can I get pirate disguise?

Role. Sly used this disguise in the mission “The Talk of Pirates.” To get the full disguise, Sly had to steal key parts of the disguise from three of Cantankerous Tim’s lieutenants. After stealing the parts, Sly dressed up in the disguise and approached Black Spot Pete, pretending to be his old partner.

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