How do I choose a slalom water ski?

What size water slalom ski do I need?

Slalom Ski Size Chart

Lbs. – Weight 26-30 MPH 30-34 MPH
Under 100 59″ 59″
100-110 61″-64″ 61″-64″
105-120 61″-66″ 61″-64″
115-140 61″-66″ 61″-66″

What is a good slalom water ski?

Top 10 Best Slalom Water Skis Reviewed

  • HO Syndicate V-Type R Slalom Waterski.
  • HO Sports Carbon EVO Slalom Sk.
  • HO Sports Omni Slalom Waterski.
  • O’Brien Impulse Slalom Waterski.
  • HO Sports Women’s Freeride Slalom Waterski.
  • Connelly Carbon V Slalom Waterski.
  • CWB Connelly Big Daddy Slalom Waterski.

How tall should slalom skis be?

Sizing Guide for Race Skis

Slalom Ski Length GS Ski Length (cm) Weight (lbs.)
130-136 60-80
120-126 137-143 80-105
127-133 144-150 95-115
134-140 151-158 105-125

How do you know what size water skis you need?

Most Combo skis should be picked based upon the rider’s weight. Under 120 lbs – Children who are less than 120 lbs should use skis that are around 54 to 59 inches long. Skis at 54 to 59 inches will give children the speed and stability that someone at this age will need.

What speed do you slalom ski?

For men, the top speed used in the slalom course is 36 MPH and for women the top speed is 34 MPH.

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What size kg water ski?

Waterski Size chart

Weight of Skier (Kgs) Ski Length (Inches)
60 – 75 65 – 68
70 – 85 66 – 70
80 – 95 68 – 70
90 – 100+ 68 – 72

Are wider water skis better for beginners?

Greater width means it is easy to ride it but added width means the ski will become slow. The reduced width means that the ski is quicker and faster but it is hard to initiate in the deep water. The width for the beginners is 8 inches to 9 inches.

Should I wax my water skis?

Don’t just use any wax though. Some skateboard or snowboard waxes are not water repellant so won’t work effectively and can even damage your board. We recommend Wake Wax as the best option to get your wakeboard ready for the park.