How can elephant seals dive so deep?

How can elephant seals dive for so much longer than humans?

A group of involuntary responses called the mammalian diving reflex that reduce oxygen consumption during a breath-hold dive are more extreme in elephant seals than humans.

How are seals able to dive so deep?

Another organ susceptible to compression damage is the lung. In deep-diving whales and seals, the peripheral airways are reinforced, and it is postulated that this allows the lungs to collapse during travel to depth. … Instead deep-diving whales and seals rely on large oxygen stores in their blood and muscle.

Do elephant seals eat babies?

At sea, elephant seals typically dive 20 minutes to a depth of 1,000 to 2,000 feet in search of food: rays, skates, rat fish, squid, and small sharks. … The females eat nothing while they are giving birth, nursing, and mating, and the males go without food for up to three months at that time.

What mammals can hold their breath?

Animals That Are Best at Holding Breath Underwater

Animal Category Duration
Cuvier’s Beaked Whale Mammal 3 h 42 min
Sperm Whale Mammal 2 h
Weddell Seal Mammal 1 h
Marine Iguana Reptile 30 min

Can a seal drown?

Most seals come up for air every two or three minutes. Some of the larger seals can stay under water much longer than this. In the polar regions some seals may go fishing under the ice. No doubt some of these daring fellows get trapped and drown.

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