Had a row with someone Meaning?

What does having a row with someone mean?

DEFINITIONS2. countable a noisy argument. Mike stormed out after a row. have a row (with someone): I had a row with my boyfriend last night.

Had a row idiom meaning?

have a row v expr. UK, informal (quarrel) tener una discusión vtr. They had a row about his staying out all night.

What are two meanings of row?

1 : a number of objects arranged in a usually straight line a row of bottles also : the line along which such objects are arranged planted the corn in parallel rows. 2a : way, street. b : a street or area dominated by a specific kind of enterprise or occupancy doctors’ row. 3 : twelve-tone row.

Have you had a row meaning?

If two people have a row, they have a noisy argument. [British, informal] We never seem to stay together for very long before we have a dreadful row. Synonyms: quarrel, dispute, argument, squabble More Synonyms of row. 3.

Had a filthy row meaning?

A filthy row to me always means a huge, loud, foul argument, rather than a fight. It’s normally a term I’d associate with partners, marital or otherwise, relatives or close friends having a really awful argument.

What is row in British slang?

British English: row /raʊ/ NOUN. argument A row is a serious disagreement or noisy argument. There was a diplomatic row between the two countries.

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How do you say in a row?

“If five odds are thrown in a row, the casino takes all the money wagered on that spinner.”

What is another word for in a row?

consecutively straight
solid uninterrupted
continually without interruption
at a time on end
without a break uninterruptedly

What does in row mean?

phrase. If something happens several times in a row, it happens that number of times without a break. If something happens several days in a row, it happens on each of those days. They have won five championships in a row. Synonyms: consecutively, running, in turn, one after the other More Synonyms of in a row.

What is a different word for row?

What is another word for row?

line file
succession tier
consecution crocodile
sequence echelon
order progression

How is row used in a sentence?

We need two people to row the canoe.” “We rowed the boat to shore.” “We rowed down the river.” “I am rowing for our team.”