Frequent question: Why raft foundation is required?

What is raft foundation and when it is preferred?

a) Raft foundations are preferred in areas with poor soil bearing capacity, uneven settlement, and the presence of mixed soil types. These foundations achieves the load-bearing capacity through the distribution of stresses to a larger area.

What is the minimum depth of raft foundation?

The minimum thickness of raft foundation is 300mm.

What is rafts writing?

The RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) writing strategy, developed by Santa, Havens, and Valdes [1], helps students understand their role as a writer and communicate their ideas clearly by developing a sense of audience and purpose in their writing.

What is cellular raft foundation?

Raft foundations are a type of shallow foundation. … A cellular raft foundation consists of two slabs with two-way interlocking ground beams. The upper (suspended) slab and the lower (ground-bearing) slab are usually incorporated within the beams to form I-sections, with voids between them.

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