Frequent question: Why do we have surf life savers in Australia?

What is the purpose of surf Life Saving?

As the state’s peak water safety and rescue organisation, our mission is simple and hasn’t changed in over 100 years; saving lives, creating great Australians and building better communities.

Who started surf Life Saving in Australia?

The origins of Surf Life Saving New South Wales, and indeed Australia, can be traced back to the actions of Mr William Gocher at Manly Beach in September 1902, defying the law of the time by bathing during the prohibited hours. As surf bathing grew in popularity, its dangers just as rapidly became apparent.

What is Surf Life Saving Australia shortened to?

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) is Australia’s peak coastal water safety, drowning prevention and rescue authority.

Is Surf Life Saving a charity?

Surf Life Saving Australia is a community cause that relies on public donations to help save lives on the beach.

Why do Australian lifeguards wear those hats?

The caps, which are secured to the head by straps tied under the chin have been used on Australian beaches as a way of identifying life savers since the 1930s. They became part of the national uniform in the eighties.

Was the first surf lifesaving club founded in Hobart?

Australia’s first volunteer Surf Life Saving clubs emerged in 1907 on Sydney’s ocean beaches. … Surf Life Saving in Tasmania has, since the time of its inception in 1921 forged a very important place in the history of Tasmania and has become an integral part of this great Australian organisation.

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How many life savers are there in Australia?

Life saving today

There are 314 surf lifesaving clubs in Australia that collectively patrol over 400 beaches.