Frequent question: Where is the safe raft?

Where is the 4 digit code in raft?

The Four Digit Code can be found in the room adjacent to the helipad. It opens the safe containing the Electrical Wires needed for the Bomb.

Where can I use the recorder raft?

It’s the first room encounter by the player when entering the lowest deck from the rear. It is automatically picked up with the Crowbar next to it. Story-wise the Recorder serves as a means of listening to and transcribing tapes found around the ship.

What are the codes for raft?

Raft cheats/console command codes

  • /set hunger X.
  • /set thirst X.
  • /set blockhealth X.
  • /set bonushunger X.
  • /set gamemode X.
  • /set fps X.
  • /set oxygen X.
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