Frequent question: Is La Vagabonde still sailing?

Who bought La Vagabonde?

YouTube sensation Riley and Elayna of ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ have just landed a wonderful deal with legendary French catamaran manufacturer, Outremer Yachting, to extend their cruising adventures onboard a new Outremer 45 involving a historic sponsorship deal confirming the power of social media.

What is the new La Vagabonde?

Rapido Trimarans is thrilled to confirm that Sailing La Vagabonde (SLV) will sail the world’s oceans aboard a Rapido 60! In fact, SLV’s video announcing the decision to their 1.59 million subscribers (yes, 1.59m subscribers!) will go live live at 8.30am, Adelaide time in Australia (GMT/UTC +9:30) on 8 June 2021.

How much do sailing La Vagabonde earn?

Sailing La Vagabonde is another now famous vlog channel. Riley Whitelum’s and Elayna Carausu’s travel and lifestyle videos have a huge following and, with 1,800 paying patrons, they earn just shy of $10,000 per episode. They recently got a new yacht by leasing a new Outremer catamaran – this is a serious business.

How much is La Vagabonde selling for?

While we’re certainly open to any serious offers, the most important thing to us is knowing that she’ll have a good home. We believe the yacht alone is worth somewhere around $160,000 NZD – $180,000 NZD (Approximately $150,000 AUD – $170,000 AUD) and we’ve already received an offer near this range.

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How much does Vagabonde make per video?

In total, they currently earn over $9,000 US per video. In exchange, the patrons get exclusive access; extra video content and invites to supporters’ meet-ups on board La Vagabonde.

How much does a 40 foot catamaran cost?

The average price of an average-sized 40-something—foot used catamaran is around $250,000. Age doesn’t vary much, as these kinds of catamarans have only been popular since the 1990s. The lowest price you’ll probably find for a used catamaran is about $100,000.