Frequent question: Is Dove a word for dive?

What is a word for dive?

Words related to dive

leap, plunge, dip, hole, duck, lunge, drop, jump, plummet, swoop, fall, vault, vanish, disappear, nose-dive, spring, dash, pitch, nosedive, submersion.

What is Dove dive?

Dived and dove are both accepted past-tense forms of the verb to dive Dove is used more frequently in the United States and Canada; dived is more common outside North America The word usually means plunging into water, but don’t forget about its figurative uses Don’t pronounce dove (the verb) the same as dove (the bird …

Is have dove correct?

To have a past participle formed through vowel alternation and ending in -ve is odd. It may catch on in time. Supposedly, people say “have dove” by analogy to “drove”. However, the correct form there, too, is “have DRIVED”.

What is dive antonym?

Opposite of to physically plunge downward, especially headfirst and into water. arise. ascend. lift. mount.

What’s the plural of dive?

dive (plural dives) A jump or plunge into water.

What are the tenses of dive?

“Dived” is the traditional past tense and past participle of “to dive,” but “dove” has crept in over the last two centuries — particularly in the US. This is probably a result of the verb “to drive” (with its past tense “drove”) becoming more common.

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What is the sentence of dived?

Dived sentence example. The fish flipped and dived back into the water. He walked to the edge of the cave and dived out. “Jenn—” he shouted then dived forward.

What does dove into mean?

1. Literally, to jump or leap into something, often a pool. I was so hot after my run that I dove into the pool as soon as I got home. 2. To start a task enthusiastically, perhaps without much forethought.

Is drived a word?

(nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of drive.