Frequent question: How do I know what size kiteboard to buy?

What size kite do I need for my weight?

Kite Size Chart

Rider Weight (kg) 43 Wind Speed
Kite Size (m2) 6 15
7 14
7 13
8 12

What size is a twintip?

Twintip Kiteboard Size Chart

Rider Height Kite Board Size
140-160cm 128-135cm
160-170cm 131-138cm
170-180cm 135-142cm
180-190cm 138-145cm

What size kite is best for beginners?

A 144-144cm board (42-44cm wide) is usually a good beginner size for an average build rider (around 75kg) in light to moderate winds (12-18 knots). If you’re on the heavy side or tend to ride in low winds, you may need a bigger kite – see my post Best kite and board for heavy riders.

How big should a kiteboard be?

An average kiteboard size is 135cm – 145cm x 38 – 41cm. Light wind kiteboards are typically wider 145 – 165 x 45 – 48cm. For beginners, a larger board is helpful to smooth over mistakes that drive you downwind. Eventually, you will develop a personal preference and feel out the board that is right for you.

What is a twin tip board?

A twintip kiteboard is a kitesurf board which can go two directions without having to turn it 180 degrees. Twintips are the most commonly used kitesurf boards worldwide because they offer a lot of freedom while kitesurfing. … Freeride kiters also ride a twintip thanks to their playful character and ability to jump.

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How many kites do I need?

Most people will ultimately need at least two kites, One for lower winds and one for higher winds. Large kite for lighter winds (14-18m) – 8-15mph.