Did they find drugs on below deck sailing?

Was there drugs on Below Deck sailing?

On Monday night’s episode of the hit Bravo series, bosun Malia White reported Ferrier, the ship’s chief stewardess, to Captain Sandy Yawn for having Valium and a weed pen in their cabin. Ferrier was then confronted by Yawn, 55, about what was found — before the episode concluded on a cliffhanger.

Who gets caught with drugs on Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Hannah Ferrier

Hannah was fired on season 5 of Below Deck Med after Malia White reported her for stashing Valium on board. During the August 2020 episode, Captain Sandy received a photo of Hannah’s drugs and a vape pen and promptly terminated her. The chief stewardess later said the Valium was for her anxiety.

What episode of Below Deck do they find drugs?

Fans may recall the epic drug bust in the very first episode of Below Deck’s Season 1 when stewardess Kat Held found a bag of white powder and a rolled-up dollar bill in a guest’s cabin.

Did Hannah do drugs on Below Deck?

At the time, Below Deck: Mediterranean’s Hannah Ferrier was discovered allegedly having Valium and weed onboard (though she later claimed it was a legal CBD vape pen and prescribed Valium). … Prior to her firing over the drug situation, Hannah Ferrier had headlined Below Deck: Mediterranean for five seasons.

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Is Paget and Ciara still together?

Earlier this spring, Ciara Duggan confirmed that she and longtime boyfriend Paget Berry had broken up after getting engaged in July 2020.

Did Hannah get fired for drugs?

During an August 2020 episode of the Bravo series, Malia reported to Captain Sandy that the chief stew, 34, had the anti-anxiety medication and a CBD vape pen in her room. Hannah was terminated as a result — and the decision was met with plenty of backlash.

Is Tom still with Malia?

Malia, 31, confirmed her split from Tom in September 2020 after they both appeared on season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean together. The reality star recently got honest about the reason for initiating the breakup. “Yeah, we were, you know, working on different boats,” she exclusively told Us in July.

Was Hannah pregnant on Below Deck?

Hannah first announced the happy news of her pregnancy in an exclusive interview with The Daily Dish in June. The chief stew said at the time that she was “very excited” to become a mom and it all felt “a little surreal.”

What happened to Hannah on Below Deck with drugs?

Former Below Deck Med star Hannah Ferrier says Bravo show left her with a ‘drug addict stigma’ after Captain Sandy fired her for having undeclared anti-anxiety medication on board. She left Below Deck Mediterranean last year after five seasons on the show.

Who finds Hannah’s drugs on Below Deck?

Try watching this video on www.youtube.com, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. Well, we finally know who has drugs on board Below Deck Med Season 5. Last night, bosun Malia White went behind Hannah Ferrier’s back and reported the chief stew for having Valium and a weed pen in their cabin.

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