Can you surf on the Sunshine Coast?

Is Sunshine beach good for surfing?

A 5 minute drive from Noosa Heads, Sunshine is located on the Southern side of the Noosa National Park. The beach is patrolled year round with excellent surfing banks either side of the flags.

Can you surf at Mooloolaba?

Mooloolaba is a sucky closeout wave which is not really surfable but a great bodyboarders break. It starts breaking at 2 foot and holds 8 foot and the best swell direction is north, northeast. Cyclone season is best waves and the beach gets jellyfish during cyclone season as well.

Can you surf in Noosa?

One of only 10 World Surfing Reserves and with five world-class point breaks, Noosa’s surf sites are also blessed with the backdrop of beautiful coastal national park. It’s why you’re here, after all. Ticking all the first day boxes is First Point.

How far north in Qld can you surf?

Surfing is not normally considered in the northern part of Queensland. The Great Barrier Reefs runs along the northern coastline and blocks out most of the swells. The last of the surfable waves end in the waters around 1770 and Agnes Waters. You may find some impressive waves on the outer reef of Far North Queensland.

Where can I surf Today Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast Regional Surf Forecast

  • Rainbow Beach.
  • Noosa North Shore.
  • Noosa Bar.
  • Noosa Heads. MULTI 1-2FT
  • Sunshine Beach.
  • Peregian.
  • Coolum.
  • Point Arkwright.
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Is Dicky Beach good for surfing?

Calmer area perfect for learning to surf. Lessons at low tide. Suitable for all ages.