Can you surf in Jacksonville Florida?

Where can I surf in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville Surf Spots

  • Huguenot Park (North Side of Inlet)
  • Mayport Poles (South Side of Inlet)
  • Atlantic Beach.
  • Jacksonville Beach Pier.
  • Micklers (Cross Roads) Ponte Vedra.

Are Florida beaches good for surfing?

Florida has dozens of good surf breaks south of Sebastian Inlet, but the most famous is undoubtedly Palm Beach’s Reef Road. One of the few places in the state where the surf can achieve true “big wave” status, Reef Road can max out at 15 feet. … Petersburg to Venice Inlet and all across the northwest.

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Florida?

Do you need a wetsuit? Because of its warm weather, you can generally surf year-round in Florida, if there are good waves to surf. … During cool winter months, it is best to plan on using a wetsuit.

Is surfing better in Florida or California?

Unlike Florida, the waves in California are larger and more powerful than the waves in Florida! Hence, with stronger waves, you will easily notice more surfers. With my observation, I did notice there were more powerful waves. The waves are definitely more popular among surfers in California.

Can you surf in Tampa FL?

Beaches south of Tampa Bay tend to have larger and better surf than those north of the bay. To be rideable with a surfboard, you’ll need waves at least 2 or 3 feet high. … The most consistent waves for surfing occur in the colder months–December through March–so you’ll need a wetsuit.

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What’s the water temperature in Jacksonville Beach Florida?

Today’s Jax Beach Pier sea temperature is 80 °F.