Can you surf at Crantock Beach?

Is Crantock Beach Safe?

Crantock is a stunning beach, but it’s also vulnerable to tidal changes due to the changing sands of the Gannel. … Lifeguarded beaches display flags to inform the general public which areas are safe for swimming, and where to surf and bodyboard.

Is Crantock Beach accessible?

Access: Access to the beach by the car parks is via a short path through the dunes. There are also steps down at the west part of Crantock Beach.

Is Crantock Beach good for swimming?

Crantock offers a large expanse of golden sands backed by dunes between the Pentire Headland to the west and the Gannel river to the east. Popular for swimming, snorkelling, surfing and wind-surfing with board/canoe hire on the beach.

Is Crantock Beach Dog Friendly?

There are currently no restrictions on taking your dog on Holywell or Crantock beaches and there are plenty of footpaths to explore with your furry friend. … Holywell and Crantock beaches are popular with families, and children may be frightened if approached by a dog unfamiliar to them.

How long is Crantock Beach?

7 answers. At least a mile long. The sand is so fine pushing a loaded pram could be quite difficult. If you walk to the right of the car park extreme care should be taken as the tide comes in very quickly but to the left of the car park the beach is beautiful and wide and much safer.

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