Can you scuba dive with sinus congestion?

Can you scuba dive with sinus problems?

Those who have persistent difficulty clearing their ears and sinuses should be advised not to dive at all. Patients who show evidence of chronic sinusitis should be treated with appropriate medical management. If radiological evidence of disease persists, functional en- doscopic sinus surgery should be considered.

Can I take a decongestant before scuba diving?

Nasal decongestants are generally not a good idea under water: most wear off too rapidly and you may wind up with a ‘rebound’ effect, and in worse condition than when you started. People who require decongestants in order to dive are already at increased risk of injury due to higher pressure (barotrauma).

How do I clear my sinuses before diving?

Nasal Saline Spray

Make sure to read the bottle and verify that it is natural saline spray and that it is free of any medications. A couple of squirts up each nostril before you dive may irrigate your sinuses enough to provide relief and allow you to equalize them efficiently.

Is it OK to scuba dive with a cold?

When it happens the upper respiratory system swells, becomes congested with mucus and often the eustachian tubes and sinuses become blocked. Hence the danger of diving with a cold. … So, diving with a cold is not recommended.

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Can you scuba dive with allergies?

In general, individuals with environmental allergies may dive safely. Only during severe flare-ups should the symptoms preclude the safe use of scuba equipment.

Is it OK to take Sudafed before scuba diving?

Don’t take this medication for the first time while gearing up before a dive, no matter how strongly your buddies praise it. Pseudoephedrine may increase the risk of oxygen toxicity in humans; it has been proven to do so in rats.

Can you use nasal spray before diving?

Nasal sprays work fairly quickly, so it’s best to take them just before gearing up. When stacking antihistamines and decongestants, take the allergy medicines the night before your dive; then take decongestants as you normally would on dive day.

Can I take mucinex before diving?

Mucinex: (generic name Guaifenesin) is a mucolytic. This means that the drug thins out your mucous making it easier for you to equalize your ears and sinuses. It’s good to start this medicine 2-3 days before you plan to dive and to drink plenty of water with it.

Can you squeeze your sinuses?

To clear your sinuses, follow these steps: Stand with your head over a sink or in the shower and tilt your head to one side. Using a squeeze bottle, bulb syringe, or neti pot, pour or squeeze the saline solution slowly into the upper nostril. Allow the solution to pour out your other nostril and into the drain.

How do you equalize blocked sinuses?

Sinus Squeeze Treatment

  1. Apply warm compresses to the face.
  2. Pain medications such as acetaminophen (or stronger if prescribed by a health care professional) may be needed to treat symptoms.
  3. Avoid diving until recovery is complete.
  4. Oral pseudoephedrine and topical nasal sprays (such as Afrin) should be used.
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How do I stop sinus squeezing?

Treat allergies and underlying sinus conditions before diving or flying, and make sure you descend and ascend slowly using Valsalva maneuvers (swallowing or yawning on an airplane) to equalize pressure.